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The Vimax pills is the only 100% herbal ingredients supplement and doctor approved male enhancement pills that works. More than 9,600 Vimax Pills customers , including male porn stars with a success rate of 96%. The pills do come with a money back guarantee so if you’re one of the 5% that is may no work for you won’t have to worry about throwing your money away. Vimax Pills are doctor approved and give permanent results." 

The pills work by enhancer the flow of blood to the penis which helps enhance the size of your erectile chamber. The size of your chamber determines how big your penis can get. This increased blood flow also gives you erections that are harder and thicker than before the pills. The average increase for most men is " 25% gain in girth and 3-4 inches in length".

Vimax pills contain 100% herb ingredients. They contain Avena Sativa which is green oats extract, vitality and energy, Ginseng which increases stamina, Damiana which improves performance and desire. Yohimbe is the extract from the bark of an African tree and has also been used as a medication for impotence in some countries. The last ingredient is Saw Palmetto which increases performance, virility and libido. These ingredients also increase sperm and semen production and give harder erections along with higher libido.

While the Vimax pill enlarge the size of the erection penis, it doesn’t increase the flaccid size of your penis. The pills even come with free penis exercises to help in this department. 

Web sites that review the pills have very positive reviews. The company has 24/7 live customer support. Another added bonus is that it is one of the cheaper male enhancement pills available that works. The company even gives discounts for ordering multiple months supplies at once.



There have been many claims as to the validity of the overall success of Vimax pills, but are they legit? Are they mere advertising attempts or does this stuff really work? Vimax offers male enhancement in the form of a pill, developed through a methodical approach to the science of the human body and knowledge of natural ingredient combinations. For ages, the confidence of the normal man in the area of their sexual organs in regards to size, has been a concern. Even for the man that is more than adequate in the eyes of women, this seems to be a problem. Keep reading to find out whether this product actually does the trick or if it is just all fluff as so many others are. 

First off, there is a science to the way that Vimax supposedly works. The way that the penis gains growth through excitement is based off of blood flow and the cutting off of certain blood vessels that constrict during enticement. There are many other products that stimulate blood flow, so there must be something more to this product if it is to work the best.


If one were to do a bit of research into the subject, one would find that there is a particular ligament that tightens during puberty that restricts the growth of the penis. This ligament is targeted by certain ingredients of Vimax, which cause it to relax. In combination with the increased blood flow, and gravity, the ligament eventually stretches permanently Read more about vimax..


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