Couples Sex Swing Soft Sex Furniture Fetish Bandage st-350






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Fashion design,100% Brand New, high quality!
1.SAFE MATERIAL - The support pipe is made of plastic material, with high strength, large bearing capacity, and small hardness. It is cylindrical and smooth in design, make sure that you don't hurt the door.
2. EASY TO USE - This product occupies small space, is easy to use, and has the adjustable sling. You can experience the risk of swinging.
3. HIGH AND LOW ADJUSTABLE - Both the seat pad and the leg pad can regulate height freely, and without squatting, you can have intimate contact with the private placement, touch her most sensitive private parts with your tongue, and it can bring the climax without insertion.
4.MORE POSTURES, EXCITING FUN - Adjust the height of the seat pad and leg pad, different heights can shape different postures, separate the leg pads on both sides, and expose the private parts to facilitate insertion.
5. ANY GATE CAN BE USED - Whether it is in the bathroom door, living room door, kitchen door or bedroom door, it can be used everywhere. Different scenes will give you different stimulation and experience.
Product Name: Hanging Door Swing
Material: Velveteen, Fabric Tape
Color: Black
Size: Adjustable, one size fits all
Package List:
-1× Hanging Door Swing
1. Open the door, put the tube in the above.
2. Close and lock the door when you leave.
3. Lower leg straps so your lover through lower sliding into their thighs.
4. Allow your lover through the upper circle into their arms, this is what they keep extra security. Adjust the height of the belt to get comfortable.
1. Use it according to the principle of safety, sobriety and voluntary use.
2. Including the physical and psychological safety of both parties.
3. Both sides remain sober and avoid intense emotions, alcohol, drugs and so on.
4. Men and women are equal, and all acts must be agreed by both sides.